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Personal Training

How It Works:

We are a friendly, experienced and highly qualified team of PTs who have a passion for getting you results with the very best in personal training.

We have a fully equipped luxury private gym located in Colyton, for PT both 1-1, 1-2 clients and small groups up to 4. With privacy, there is no one to look at you, no queuing for equipment and you will have a fully dedicated hour, just you and your personal trainer.

We truly make this a personal experience so whatever music you like-you get it! You also receive our app giving you access to bespoke trackable workouts, instant messaging access to your personal trainer and control over booking your own gym sessions. We try to take care of everything so you can concentrate on achieving the result you want, when we say we are with you 24 hours-we mean it!

Take a look through our 5 steps to success, each step making your journey unique to you.

Free Consultation

Firstly we invite you into the gym for a a FREE 30 minute consultation. This gives you the opportunity to see if we are the right fit for you, and ask us as much as you need to. We will establish what you need from us, how we will deliver that and discuss your initial goals. Whether your goals are fat loss, recovering from an injury or operation, muscle build, fine tuning your fitness for an event or particular sport or to simply try to do a pull up – it doesn’t matter!

We will discuss the best way forward for you to achieve the optimum results; taking a look at your lifestyle, your habits and finding ways of fitting training into YOUR life without it taking over as we understand that work, family and a social life are also important!

Fat loss measurements on body to lose weight

After discussing your initial goals and having more insight into your WHY, if you are happy with the offer, we will get you booked into a convenient weekly training slot, starting with a full assessment. This is used to provide a baseline from which we will build. It will compose of but not limited to:

  • Full Body Measurements
  • Weight
  • Body Fat
  • BMI
  • Water intake
  • Muscle Mass
  • Bone Mass
  • Total Daily Calories Expenditure
  • Actual Age
  • Visceral Fat (around the organs)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Sugar
  • Respiratory Rate

We will also be checking your posture, looking for any muscular, strength or mobility issues. If there are any under lying issues we will find them and address them as part of your programme. Starting correctly and building up will prevent injuries and enable sustainability.

baked salmon zoodles quinoa

Your tailor made programme has now been created for you which will be planned to fit around your lifestyle needs. We all have busy lives and other things get in the way so exercise and nutrition has to fit around your busy life for it to work.

We will discuss nutrition and for those wanting fat loss, you will be taught the accelerated fat loss programme to ensure fast and effective results. We will talk about what barriers you face daily and how to overcome them together . We do this by using various means which will vary client to client:

  • Diet Plans
  • Nutrition Consultations
  • Supermarket Tour
  • Macro counting
  • Specific dieting-no FAD diets, a diet that can be sustained effectively.
  • Habit tracking

Nutrition goes hand in hand with exercise and plays a vital role in what you want to achieve. We are not silly and expect you to eat completely clean and we are know that you will have vices as does everybody. We are all human and don’t worry if you like the odd glass of wine or chocolate-we won’t ban anything!

We will provide you with a full food programme with delicious protein packed meals, full recipes, including the shopping list, nutritional information.

No more worrying about what or when to eat, we have it covered.

Your exercise programme will then be tailored to your individual body. Please be assured this will not be a programme plucked from the shelf. Everyone has different genetics, different bodies and different personalities and what may work for one may not work for somebody else. Each session will be varied and taught as you move through and gain more experience. We want you to be educated so you can continue to use your knowledge of correct form and your growth mindset in your local gym or at home.

The programme will vary client to client but principally will be based around a warm up, weights and then different types of HIIT workout each time. We don’t want you to know what’s coming each session to keep you on your toes and never get bored.

Andrew Watkinson Personal Trainer

Exercise and nutrition is actually only a small part of your fitness journey. Your mindset is what is important.  As qualified lifestyle coaches, we will drive you to reach your goals, build on your growth mindset, maintain motivation and at the same time making this an enjoyable experience so that you will actually look forward to the next PT session.

We know there will be good and bad days during this process and what has become clear since Fitagain was established, the PT-client relationship is something very special often working through things far beyond exercise and nutrition. It is always an honour to be part of a clients journey.

  • NLP
  • Mindfulness
  • CBT

We work with a number of diverse clients and there is no client that is not suitable. For example we currently work with the following groups and conditions:

  • Varying disabilities
  • Children
  • 60 plus
  • Olympic Athletes
  • Dementia clients
  • Cancer remission
  • Rehabilitation for injuries
  • Hypertension
  • Back pain (click header tab)

The list goes on and on…. We love working with all types of people and we love a challenge. We are driven to achieve your dreams and goals and when we say we are with you 24/7 we mean it. Whenever you want a chat or advice we are only a phone call away or pop in between sessions.

Please take look at what our amazing clients past and present have said about us. We look forward to welcoming you to the Fitagain family.


Private, solo focused sessions for those that have very specific goals. This package is ideal for those with health complaints that require focused attention during training, or those that thrive better on a 1:1 basis. Booking is also more flexible. This package also includes free unlimited access to the private gym outside of training hours.

Train with a friend, partner, work colleague, anyone you want to sign-up with. It helps if you have similar goals, but this is not essential. This package also includes free unlimited access to the private gym outside of training hours.

Train with 3 others who book onto the same slot. The slots are timetabled. It doesn’t matter what level you are, everyone can train in the same slot. Great way to receive bespoke training, meet others, and gain real results. Over 60s slots will be available, if that’s a preference.

Only available to those who are on a 1:1 or 1:2 personal training package. Benefit from using the gym space you are familiar with. Access can come with a personalised plan that will allow you to meet your training, fitness, and health goals. This means you save time as exercise is targeted, and it’s in an exclusive space.


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Gym Access

ADD ON FOR 1:4 MEMBERS (Free to 1:1 & 1:2 members)


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