Personal Training

FitAgain excels at Personal Training and offers the very best service. Our Personal Training allows you to learn about correct form, gets results you want in the fastest way possible and creates the basis for a lifelong sustainable healthy lifestyle. You may feel this is an expensive option but when you compare it to how many gym memberships you may have started and not used, how many diet books you have purchased, the amount of times you have started a particular health fad or diet and so on. FitAgain personal training guarantees to keep you motivated and will allow you to achieve your goals in the fastest time possible.

Whether your goals are fat loss, muscle gain, improving fitness or getting ready for a particular event, FitAgain has it covered. We will take time to listen to you and will spend time outside of sessions working on your individual program to ensure you remain motivated, inspired and fully committed to get FitAgain.

We understand the barriers that stand in the way of getting people FitAgain, and we have worked hard listening to our clients in order to break these down so it is accessible to anyone and everyone. We go above and beyond to provide a TRULY PERSONAL service and within our personal training we offer a comprehensive range of services:

  • A fully equipped private personal training studio with top of the range equipment with no need to queue for equipment. 
  • Dedicated service with 24-hour email, social media and telephone support.
  • Full Nutritional Guidance and Support. Including the exclusive FitAgain App and supermarket tour.
  • A bespoke FitAgain App allowing progress to be tracked with additional exclusive material such as videos and emails to allow you to follow programmes with correct form when doing additional training in the gym or at home and provides advice on nutrition and fitness to keep you motivated.
  • Health check if requested including blood pressure, blood sugar levels, pulse, oxygen levels, full body measurement and respiratory rate.
  • Full body fat analysis covering 24 individual parts of the body for detailed analysis.
  • 1-1 service  with the highest level of personal training working alongside excellent coaches from the ex military, guaranteed to be polite , punctual and friendly.
  • We utilise evidence based approaches to enhance performance such as mindfulness and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).
  • Fully assisted stretch and massage at the end of each session to leave you relaxed after some hard exercise!

Partner PT

What better way to do fitness than with your friend or partner? Partner personal training is a cost effective way of getting fast results. It is always fun including all the benefits of 1:1 personal training with well thought out sessions to ensure you work together with your partner, having fun and gaining great results. The added benefit of partner PT is having someone outside of sessions to be accountable to which is valuable to remain focused and driven to achieve your goals.

Partner PT is less costly than 1:1 PT allowing it to be more accessible making it a fun fast way to achieve your goals. Differences in existing fitness levels is not a problem and all abilities can be catered for within the same session. So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a partner and lets get you FitAgain with Partner PT!!



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