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How do we all stay mindful and make sure we take time to care for our own mental and physical health, alongside the busy lives we lead?

Find out how you can find your Optimum Health through Body and Mind with FitAgain. Is it a symptom of our modern age? That sometimes we are too busy to even notice that we have used so much of our energy and time either working, looking after family or caring for everyone else that our own health, fitness and well-being slips down the pecking order?

Is there a link between good self-care and ageing well? What are the barriers to a healthier lifestyle? What is preventing people from achieving more balance in their lives? Is it the fear of not knowing where to start or the guilt of not wanting to put ourselves first?

Make a change. Find your Optimum Health through Body and Mind with FitAgain.

In this blog we look at all these topics and get an insight into how we can all make a change. If you are feeling inspired to make a change in your life why not come along to the FitAgain well-being evening? This will be held on Thursday 13 February at The Old Rectory, Symondsbury, near Bridport. Dorset. From 6:30pm. You can discover how to find your ‘Optimum Health Through Body and Mind.’

Self care is not a luxury. It’s not selfish and it’s not indulgent. Self care is absolutely necessary to your physical and mental health.

Prioritise you

According to Life Hack, “Self-care is about meeting your human needs. This could be a need for relaxation, a need for quiet, a need for connection, a need for stability, and much more. Before you engage in any kind of self-care related activity, think to yourself: what needs do I want to meet here? What do I need most in my life right now?”

“I don’t have enough time” is one of the most common reasons from people who are struggling to engage in self-care on a regular basis. The antidote is this belief is to make time. Then, most importantly, stick to it.

Making time

When we feel like we don’t have time to do something important, it’s either because we’re not making time, or because our priorities are out of alignment with what we actually need. Everything we do with our time is a choice. It might feel like we ‘have’ to do certain things, but, in reality, we have complete control over how we spend our time.

You can fit self-care into your schedule, no matter how busy you are, by deciding it is a priority. When you start deliberately taking time for yourself and saying ‘no’ to commitments and requests, you might experience resistance from people around you. This can be emotionally challenging, especially if you’re not used to saying ‘no’ or placing your preferences above other people’s. If you’re faced with this kind of resistance, you need to be assertive about your needs and boundaries.

Well on your way to a better you!

Self care is not a luxury. It’s not selfish and it’s not indulgent. Self care is absolutely necessary to your physical and mental health.”

How to age well?

Top Tips

If we all learnt a little more self-care, then it would naturally help us to age well. According to Age UK “We know it’s not just about living longer, it’s about living healthily and happily for longer.”

Age UK have 10 top tips to age well..
• 1. Watch what you eat and drink
• 2. Look after your teeth
• 3. Stay active
• 4. Make the most of your doctor
• 5. Get a vitamin boost
• 6. Take care of your feet
• 7. Sort out your sleep
• 8. Take the tests
• 9. Stay in touch
• 10. Give up smoking

You are what you eat!

According to the Mental Health Foundation, there is research to suggest that what we eat, may affect not just our physical health, but also our mental health and well-being.

Barriers to better health?

New research from the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) claims that almost half (48 percent) of adults say that busy lives and stress play a large role in stopping them from eating healthily, with 40 percent of adults admitting that being too tired after work is their main reason for not being active. The survey, conducted as part of BNF Healthy Eating Week, questioned almost 500 adults across the UK.

FitAgain mentally and physically

FitAgain are on a mission to help inspire ‘Optimum Health Through Body and Mind’ for everyone and this is the motivation behind their well-being evening. The aim is to bring experts together to help people age well in terms of looking after physical and mental health. They want to show people what tools you can use whilst coping with a hectic life, but looking after ourselves in the most effective way.

An evening of inspiration

Andrew Watkinson, co-founder of FitAgain is going to speak at the event about how we can future proof our body, with eight top tips in order to do this.

Phil Lunt is going to talk about how we can use our brain from a neuroscience perspective to make changes and not self-sabotage and finally Annie Lee, a personal and business coach is going to finish off the evening with a goal setting exercise.

Are you feeling inspired? Then why not come along to the FitAgain well-being event? To book your tickets click on this link