Pricing & Testimonials

Sessions Per WeekAndrew
Monthly cost
Monthly cost
2£350£2801 Free Session
Sessions Per WeekDurationMonthly CostSavings
14 Weeks£280
18 Weeks£4901 Free Session
24 Weeks£4901 Free Session
28 Weeks£9802 Free Sessions
Countdown To Wedding8 Weeks£769
Beach Body Fat Loss8 Weeks£769
Muscle, Strength & Conditioning8 Weeks£769
Beginners Gym Guide4 Weeks£180
Kids Mind & Body Course
Kids Personal Trainer1£30 per half hour
Boxing Class1£7
Fight Camp4£20 pmFree session a month
Emma Sampson

I've only been training with Andrew for a couple of months, but have really noticed the difference! He makes the sessions fun (as well as being hard work..). I would highly recommend FitAgain as Andrew is very knowledgeable and extremely personable.

Lin Coley

Andrew is brilliant with my 16 year old daughter, he comes up with ways to engage her in fitness and builds her confidence. She enjoys going to him and does the exercises he suggest. I also go to his boot camps which are different each week, I go even when I’ve had a busy day and it would be easy to find an excuse. I always feel better for going, even though I will ache for the next couple of days!!

Barbara Mella

Andrew and Lucy are a great team. I have worked with them individually and Andrew has also worked with my 10 year old son doing boxing and fun PT. Andrew has a great positive, can-do and supportive attitude which is very motivating and encouraging. Although, he devises sessions which are hard work, but perfect for your level of fitness so if feel you are making progress! Plus, he really knows his stuff: from anatomy, to targeted exercise, to diet! You certainly can't go wrong if you choose FitAgain for any of your well-being needs!


Joined the fit again gang about a year ago. Have lost 12kg, and am fitter and more importantly happier/more content than ever. Andrew lets you improve at your own pace, there’s absolutely no pressure... but you WILL see improvement. You get back what you put in, and you’ll get all the support you need in a friendly, non poser group. Join now. If I can, you can.

Clare Surey

I began training with Andrew in January 2018. I started with zero confidence, I wouldn’t even walk into a gym! A year down the line I am stronger and fitter that I’ve ever been, both mentally and physically. I set myself challenges and goals which I wouldn’t have been able to achieve without the constant support knowledge and encouragement from Andrew. I can not recommend Fitagain highly enough if you want to achieve your goals in the fastest and most fun way.

Irina Pratt

I have been going to classes for nearly a year now and absolutely enjoyed it. Fun and different every time for all levels of fitness. Definitely recommend FitAgain to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and also those who want to maintain it.

Sarah Thompson

Andrew is a fantastic personal trainer. I really did enjoy it and your needs are catered for. It also helps Andrew is an expert in what he does. I would definitely recommend.

Annie Lee

Andrew and Lucy are a fabulous combination looking to make a positive change for individuals, organisations and the community. They offer a different set of services to the average fitness company and are always looking for new ways to engage, educate and motivate people. Thoroughly recommend!

Donna Watson

FitAgain offer the opportunity to get fit in a fun environment. Classes are always different and you work at your own pace. Would highly recommend!

Cleo Cobb

I’ve been a regular at FitAgain bootcamps since they started and they are wicked! Hard work, but I always feel amazing afterwards. I’ve also worked with Andrew as my PT. He’s knowledgeable, enthusiastic and makes getting fitter fun. Highly recommended 💪⭐️👍

Archie Turner

I found Andrew and Lucy to be extremely supportive and really help to kick start my journey to weightloss and becoming fitter- the Boot camp format was fun and challenging- great group atmosphere- great location- they also gave sound advice - long May they keep up the excellent work.