At FitAgain we are passionate about mental health and are highly trained in this area. Lucy is a mental health nurse and a trained mindfulness teacher for adults and children and also trained in a number of therapies. Andrew is a mental health first aider who works closely with Headlight, a local mental health charity for children and young people.

We recognise the importance of growing a strong body and a strong mind. It is now well recognised that exercise and good nutrition can help to prevent type 2 diabetes, some cancers, osteoporosis, heart disease, strokes and  other preventable diseases. There is also very strong evidence that exercise can help reduce depression and anxiety and help improve our mental health in many ways. Research has shown that exercise can be as effective as an anti depressant which makes sense as it hard not to feel good about your self after a good session in the gym, in the pool or whatever your particular flavour of exercise is. However, although we already know about the benefits, what stops us from exercising on a  regular basis and sustaining a healthy lifestyle?

FitAgain  provide a truly holistic approach and give you tools to exercise your mind and body. On top of offering top quality personal training and exercise classes we also offer a wealth of services to assist you in building a growth mindset, build resilience, break unhealthy habits and if necessary help you to process any past demons that may be causing barriers to getting FitAgain. The diagram shows the additional services FitAgain offers.


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Children’s Mind & Body Courses

With mental health in mind, FitAgain works with its sister company GrowAgain at and offers 1:1 therapy, 1:1 mindfulness and mindfulness courses for adults and children.  See below for more detailed information of the course FitAgain offers for children.


6-week boxing course for key stage 2 age children:

Week 1: Introducing boxing and posture
Week 2: Connecting the mind and body
Week 3: Understanding anger and gaining control
Week 4: Building strength
Week 5: Speed and Agility
Week 6: Linking breath, posture, strength and mindset


6-week mindfulness courses for children aged 7-11:




1. Brain Training

Taking responsibility for keeping the mind and body healthy. How different parts of the brain work

Breath counting

2. Puppy Training

Learning to be in the present moment. Simple tools for training attention

Paws b, Mindful eating

3. Finding a Steady Place

Recognising when we wobble and finding ways to steady ourselves

Finger breathing, Feet on floor, bum on seat

4. Dealing with difficulty

Exploring the nature of the human mind

Petal Practice

5. The Storytelling Mind

Learning to recognise thoughts. Finding ways to be present and focused when the mind is busy

Guided practise

6. Growing Happiness

How we can nurture ourselves and others. Connecting happiness, kindness and gratitude

Happiness picture


10-week course for children aged 12-19:




1. Introduction to the .b course

Introduction to the .b course

.b practice

2. Playing Attention

To introduce pupils to their faculty of attention. For pupils to experience that the can direct their attention. Introduces key attitudes of kindness, patience and repetition

Play attention

Finger breathing

3. Taming the animal mind

To explore that the mind has a life of its own-we often can’t control it.To nurture and attitude of curiosity, kindness, acceptance and openness

Feet on floor bum of chair

4. Recognising worry

We can get stuck in our head by ruminating and catastrophise. Practice skills to help switch from thinking mode to sensing



5. Being here now

To explain how “autopilot” prevents us from being alive and awake to our experience in the here and now To learn how to savour the pleasant


Mindful eating

6. Moving mindfully

Mindfulness is not just about being still. Learning to move mindfully can also be used as a resource for peak performance in sport, music and the performing arts

Mindful movement

7.Stepping Back

Understanding that they have the capacity to “step back” from thoughts

Thought bus exercise

8. Befriending the difficult

Understand stress, why it is necessary, and the potential harmful effects

Stress signature


9. Taking in the good

Encourage an appreciation of what is good in life

Gratitude practice, 3 Good things

10. Pulling it all together

To identify what they have found most useful in the course

Quiz. Reflective meditation


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