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The UK government has defined wellbeing as ‘a positive, physical, social and mental state’ (Department of Health, 2010). A way to enhance our mental wellbeing and protect our mental health is through physical activity, such as boxing.

Let’s take Action

Here at FitAgain we are focusing on how we can encourage men to drop a stone in the water and let those ripples create a new wave of acceptance and openness to men’s mental health. We want to make it the norm for men to be honest about how they feel. If we can use exercise to be the catalyst to start a domino effect and begin that conversation we will be incredibly humble. We know it takes bravery to make that first step into the ring of mental health and exercise and we salute all of you who are willing to take that step. We will be with you every step of the way.

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The top 5 reasons men join a gym:

1.     Increase fitness levels (64%).
2.     Build muscle (35%).
3.     Make healthier choices throughout the day/week (28%).
4.     Help their mental health (25%).
5.     Increase their confidence (25%).

The top 3 reasons men stay at the gym:

1.     Increase their fitness levels (29%).
2.     Make healthier choices throughout the day/week (26%).
3.     Keep on top of their mental health (17%).

Taken from Mindbody

What we do…

Here at FitAgain we are putting the spotlight on men, mental health and exercise and highlighting the powerful proven benefits between exercise and the endorphins that the brain releases – this has an extremely positive impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. It’s no secret that there is a stigma around men being hesitant to speak about their mental health.

With the much publicised and brave admissions of Ricky Hatton about his own experiences of dealing with mental issues and depression, we are proud to be trained Ricky Hatton boxing instructors.

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For far too many years men have been conditioned in a society that any depression or feelings of anxiety within their lives has been seen by some as a weakness leading to vulnerability.

Boxing helps people experiencing difficulties with mental health in many ways. Firstly, the exercise provides a rush of endorphins , a natural mood booster. Classes like our Ricky Hatton FitAgain Boxing Fight Camp can help to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression by focusing the mind and body in the present moment and taking people away from ruminating thoughts or worries. It provides a source of distraction as individuals engage with a fun activity that they look forward to and make new friends in a sociable and supportive group setting. Boxing instills a sense of achievement, building confidence and self-esteem.

Our FitAgain classes provide a controlled and safe environment to release any frustration, stress and anger. Boxing encourages a healthier lifestyle, which benefits physical and mental wellbeing, sleep, eating, self-care and compassion.

Research shows that one in four of us in the UK will struggle with a mental health problem every year. Although society is discussing mental health more openly, there is still an unnerving amount of stigma attached to it.

Ricky Hatton-Boxing Legend

Former unified light-welterweight champion and British Boxing legend, Ricky Hatton, whose lengthy battle with depression led to attempted suicide. His story speaks of extremes, yo-yo-ing between the highs of success and crushing lows of defeat, resorting to self-medication and coming out the other side with the help of exercise and his family.

Rickys Story

Boxing Fight Camp

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Looking to boost your body and mind? Why not sign up to the FitAgain Ricky Hatton Boxing Fight Camp. Co-Founders of FitAgain and Ricky Hatton trained instructors, Lucy and Andrew Watkinson said:

Come on this course to get fit in a really fun way and learn new skills at the same time. We have made it men’s only as we feel that men just like females sometimes feel more relaxed when there is a single sex environment. It is a great way to meet like minded people and stay positive and fit during the winter months...

…we also feel the  men’s only angle is a way of prompting mental health where there is still a lot of stigma around men’s mental health and lots of men still feel a lot of barriers around talking about their own mental health. We at FitAgain like to break down barriers and help people feel relaxed and confident in their own skin whilst improving fitness and mental health at the same time.

To book your place click here

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