14th Jan 2020 at Rousdon Hall 7-8PM

MENS ONLY Ricky Hatton Boxing Course


Back Care Course

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FitAgain Are Pleased To Announce 2 New Courses.

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Do you want to torch fat, combat stress, learn new skills whilst having fun?

Our action packed 6 week ‘Fight Camp’ is designed for all abilities and fitness levels to make you torch fat and learn next level boxing skills! This is a MENS ONLY intensive group exercise course run by both Lucy and Andrew who are trained Ricky Hatton Boxing Instructors.

Fight Camp will take participants through a high-intensity fitness programme built into each session, to ensure that even boxing beginners will become confident combination-throwers.

THIS IS NOT BOXERCISE. You will learn boxing and pad holding skills including jabs, hooks, crosses, body shots and more! You will receive a FULL BODY workout in each session as each section of the workout is designed to be 3 minutes long attacking the core, legs, arms and cardio systems (just like a real fight).

It is set in a friendly and welcoming environment where you are guaranteed to have lots of fun, meet new people and learn a new skill whilst getting fitter and healthy!

Availability is limited.



Do you suffer from lower back pain?  Is it becoming unbearable and is affecting your life? Andrew has been been there and knows how it feels.

At FitAgain we have designed a back care course aimed at people with Non Specific Lower Back Pain (85% of people with back pain). Andrew is a fully qualified Back Practitioner and Master Personal Trainer, who with previous back issues has now designed a bespoke course to reduce lower back pain whilst strengthening and mobilising the back to prevent it from reoccurring. During the 6 week course you will be individually assessed to ascertain when and why the pain occurs and receive an individual full body mobility, muscle and feet assessment. You will learn coping mechanisms, strategies and stretches to prevent reoccurrence. You will gain strength and find muscles you never knew were there!

We know the sleepless nights, the pain standing or sitting down, not being able to pick up your children, driving etc. Now is the time to act before it is too late.

This is strictly limited to a small class as participants require individual attention. Please enquire for further details.

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