Lower Back Pain

Do you suffer from Lower Back Pain and has it become unbearable to live with?

Have you tried all the other methods such as chiro, physio, surgery, Pilates or Yoga and it still doesn’t help?

Do you have trouble sleeping or pains whilst driving  or sitting for extended periods of time?

At FitAgain we totally understand your current pains and issues regarding lower back pain and have lots of personal experience in this area.


During his time in Royal Navy, Andrew suffered from lower back pain. He underwent 2 years of physio and tried various techniques to help him. Although some helped in the short term, the pain kept returning and resulted in being taken by ambulance to hospital during a really bad episode.

He was very fortunate to attend a 3 week spinal course in Plymouth with access to the best resources and expert knowledge. The course was amazing changed Andrews life completely. It was here that he decided that he wanted to make a difference to people who don’t have the opportunity that he did. After qualifying as a Master Personal Trainer, he went on to become an exercise referral and Lower Back Pain Practitioner.

So what do we do that’s different?

You may find that when you visit the local doctor with back pain they either refer you to a physio or give you drugs to block the pain. The drugs mask the pain you are in and the physio will be fine until after 6 weeks you return to normal life and oh there is the pain again.

Andrew has been through this cycle for many years and realised that you must FIND THE CAUSE of the pain first. If you don’t find the cause then you can’t programme everything to prevent the pain from coming in the first place.

What we do:

Firstly we will analyse all your joints and muscles to find out if you have mobility issues. The majority of back pain is usually transmitted from another part of your body. Analysing the entire whole body and not just the back allows us to pin point what the causal factors are.

We go through every stage of a typical day-how you get up, how you sleep, what car you drive, how you shave etc etc. We need to build as much as a picture as possible. We will then discuss in depth how you make changes to your lifestyle to stop reduce the pain.

Eg if you are tall and shaving every morning in the sink, you will be bending over every morning. How you sit in a car can make a huge difference and lots more.

Full Postural assessment to check for any back or hip issues.

Feet assessment. A lot of clients don’t look after their feet. Your feet should move just like your hands do as they have basically the same bones. We run tests to assess the mobility of your feet and ankles which contribute to your back pain. We have special techniques to overcome this with hand manipulation therapy and exercises to allow the feet to move freely. Don’t worry, clients love it and ask for more!

We set a personal programme bespoke to you and your particular issues. Every client has different issues that cause back pain so you need to treated individually. This may involve mobility training, strength and conditioning, stretching, functional movements and much more.

You will take full advantage of all of all gym equipment to start to get strong again.

Andrew has complete empathy with all his back clients. He has been where you are now and he is stronger and fitter than ever. He is determined to find the cause of the problem and set in motion a programme so it never returns, sustainability is the key!

We look forward to welcoming you to our private gym for your initial assessment.