The Space

The environment where your training takes place is important to us, hence why it has taken 2 years of looking to find something that is perfect.

We want you to feel at home, to be in a space that you feel safe in and can let yourself go.

No Egos

We are built on foundations of trust and relationships, being approachable to our clients is a value we feel strongly about.

We will never judge or compare, your heart and mind are at the centre of what we do – as cheesy as it sounds, this is genuinely what we feel.

Our clients mean everything to us, and we do this for you. We want to see you reach a place where you feel stronger, in control and confident. Lots of our clients have changed their lives through our training.


From the age of 6 to 84, we welcome and provide to everyone. From disabilities of varying degrees, mental health, weight loss, weight gain, complex back issues, arthritis, hyper-mobility – we are here for you.

Looking at each and everybody as a complete individual, our analysis of your body allows us to produce bespoke programming that brings back confidence in your ability.


You will not sign up and be left on the shelf here. This is a gym where everyone knows your name, where you will feel at home and part of something.

We will laugh together, and maybe even cry. We care, and this is reflected in the changes you will see in your habits, leading to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.