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We pride ourselves on being an inclusive gym that caters for all. Any age, whatever your ability, your goals and reason for coming, our trainers have the expertise to develop programs to effectively meet your needs. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass, rehabilitate from an injury, be more functional in everyday tasks, build your confidence, get your body and mind back, we are the gym and trainers for you. The carefully crafted programs are established following a thorough consultation with you, we really want to know who you are in order to take you to where you want to be.

You Matter To Us

The Space

The environment where your training takes place is important to us, hence why it has taken 2 years of looking to find something that is perfect. We want you to feel at home, to be in a space that you feel safe in and can let yourself go.

No Egos

We are built on foundations of trust and relationships, being approachable to our clients is a value we feel strongly about. We will never judge or compare, your heart and mind are at the centre of what we do – as cheesy as it sounds, this is genuinely what we feel. Our clients mean everything to us, and we do this for you. We want to see you reach a place where you feel stronger, in control and confident. Lots of our clients have changed their lives through our training.


From the age of 6 to 84, we welcome and provide to everyone. From disabilities of varying degrees, mental health, weight loss, weight gain, complex back issues, arthritis, hyper-mobility – we are here for you. Looking at each and everybody as a complete individual, our analysis of your body allows us to produce bespoke programming that brings back confidence in your ability.


You will not sign up and be left on the shelf here. This is a gym where everyone knows your name, where you will feel at home and part of something. We will laugh together, and maybe even cry. We care, and this is reflected in the changes you will see in your habits, leading to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Meet The Team

Andrew Watkinson

BSc (Hons), MPT

Meet Andrew Watkinson-A qualified Master Personal Trainer having trained at the best PT school in Europe. Andrew is a father of 2 girls who you will often meet at the bootcamps who love cheering everyone on. Andrew was inspired to become a Personal Trainer when serving in the Royal Navy and whilst on deployment sustained a lower back injury which led him to be hospitalised. Following on from this he was put on a top end Back Rehabilitation Course which allowed his back to recover and saved him from having surgery. The experience made him realise that he wanted to help others learn about themselves and become stronger both physically and mentally. Having served 23 years in the Royal Navy, his experience has helped him within my 2nd career: you will always find that I am punctual, polite and sessions are always well planned and structured. Andrew's passion is to get as many people fit in the fasted time possible whilst having fun on the way. Whatever service you book in for you will have lots of laughs along the way and a lot of the time you won't even notice you are exercising! Andrew's strengths are in coaching where he will work with you to find your WHY, your motivation and set goals to achieve your ambitions. He is a highly trained Personal Trainer providing you with an excellent service and has specialised in the following areas:

- Level 4 Back Care
- Level 3 Exercise Referral
- Strength and Conditioning
- Fitness and Motivation Coaching
- Ricky Hatton Elite Boxing Coach

Andrew can’t wait to start working with you and help you achieve your goals.

Alanah Bray

BA (Hons), MPT

Meet Alanah Bray - Master Personal Trainer at FitAgain! She initially joined as a 1:1 client of Andrews, where she re-discovered her love for weights and saw how personal training can change peoples lives. Her passion for training led Andrew to offer her a position with FitAgain, training her to coach in the unique FitAgain way! Alanah has always led a very active lifestyle, finding time to incorporate fitness between mothering duties, her career, and studying. She has a vibrant and compassionate nature, and wants to see her clients take ownership of their fitness journeys with her supporting their hard work. Alanah helps Andrew push the boundaries of the FitAgain business, and together they want to bring you something inspiring!

- Studied at the best PT school in Europe
- Level 3 Master Personal Trainer
- Fitness and motivation coaching
- Studying - Level 4 cancer rehabilitation
- Studying - Level 3 exercise referral


Master Personal Trainer

We are a family founded business with a passion for transforming lives through fitness and healthy lifestyle changes. We listen to you and help you to find your goals as well as providing you with all the tools you need to make your goals become your reality. We offer a variety of services including Personal Training, Ricky Hatton Boxing courses, Well-Being events and also PT children.

Our ethos is to be professional, non judgemental, friendly, fun, inclusive, client centred and caring within all of the services that we offer.  

  • We are highly trained, insured, and experienced in what we provide
  • Fully DBS checked
  • We make it accessible to anyone and everyone
  • We are community-focused, organising local events
  • We are never boring, you will never do the same exercise twice in a row
  • We offer client get-togethers to find motivation partners (wine evenings, team events)
Emma Sampson

I've only been training with Andrew for a couple of months, but have really noticed the difference! He makes the sessions fun (as well as being hard work..). I would highly recommend FitAgain as Andrew is very knowledgeable and extremely personable.

Rebecca Russell

I am not a gym bunny by any stretch of the most stretchy imagination. In fact, I hate the gym. I hate exercise. Really, really hate it. That said, I do know that I need to be fitter than I am now and I also acknowledge that I won’t achieve that on my own. It’s not going to happen if I don’t give myself some accountability. So. Very reluctantly, I (we) joined Fitagain. I still hate the gym. I still dread going but I go and what’s more, I leave with a smile on my face and a sense of having done my best. My best isn’t great by Olympic standards, but you know what? It’s good for me. It’s great actually. We see Alanah once a week and she is very understanding, highly knowledgeable and recognises our limitations and works with us, finding solutions to issues rather than just pushing us through which would be my only previous gym experience. Alanah gives me confidence and insight and the feeling that every tiny step I take is helping me, and at 61, that’s nothing short of amazing.

Darren Walker

I trained with Andrew at home, moving to his new gym reluctantly. I’m not too fond of a gym; not only was this one 20 miles away, but it was also a gym, exactly what I was trying to avoid when seeking a personal trainer.
The FitAgain Gym, however, is the gym everybody would love to have at home, only better. Why? Because you get Andrew and the team too.
What I thought would be a couple of trial sessions, ending in a ‘no thanks, this is not for me’, has become personal training, 3 x week with Andrew. I now have a personal fitness goal I never thought possible, and the best bit is also within reach!
I am almost reluctant to write this review because I want to keep FitAgain the best-kept secret. However, Andrew deserves congratulations, and everyone needs to know that there is an alternative to getting and staying fit, no matter your fitness level.

Sarah Legg

FitAgain is absolutely great, I've never been one for exercise so didn't know what to expect but these guys are just fantastic. I instantly felt comfortable and made to feel very welcome. My PT was John who is an absolute star, he makes the training fun and always introduces something different so you don't get bored, John I can't thank you enough. Then there is Andrew who is so passionate and enthusiastic about what they do you can't help but get drawn in. Alannah is lovely, also very passionate and focused on getting you fit but making sure you enjoy it too. This is a fantastic gym where you don't get faced with the usual 'look at me' gym bunnies when you walk through the door, you just book yourself a slot and there is never more than 4 working out - genius! Highly recommend FitAgain, you won't be disappointed, thank you guys for waking me up to exercise! Keep doing what you are doing because you are brilliant!

Trish Power

My son is now 15 and has been working with Andrew all this time. My son loves the new gym.
He training with Andrew has now led to him to play rugby as well. I can not recommend Fitagain enough, they are amazing, great service, great gym and amazing staff.

Fitagain have been amazing! My 12 son does Personal training with Andrew. He has come on leaps and bounds in confidence and really enjoys all his sessions. Andrew is very professional and makes session fun for him. I would highly recommend them.

Diana Magrane

I have been very impressed by the quality of Personal Trainer provision for my clients rehabilitation. My client loves his new fully accessible gym and has a great rapport with his trainer. He has made great progress and is feeling much more confident. OT/Rehabilitation Case Manager

Mew Brig's Farm

Going to Alanah has been a revelation and I’ve got a lot more than I expected from a PT. I have a problem that when I start a programme I get injured so I wanted someone to pace me. Alanah has identified different areas of my body that are struggling and has diagnosed the causes so that we can work towards solutions while increasing my awareness of my own body. She really listens to me and is able to respond to feedback I give her. She is good at motivating me while remaining lighthearted . Having Alanah as a PT has been a great experience.

Mary & Frank Taylor

We joined FitAgain in April to prepare for the huge challenge of cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats [and being in our 60s it was a big challenge].
Our experience of personal training with Andrew has been amazing, he is very knowledgeable and professional. Andrew was quickly able to identify our differing needs [ and often noticed things we weren't aware of ], he guided us through weekly sessions focussing on our goals. All the sessions were varied and challenging and Andrew's good humour and positivity shone through and kept us going.
In September we successfully completed our cycle, something I can honestly say I don't think I would have achieved without all the training and support from Andrew. We can't recommend the guys at FitAgain highly enough.

Adrian Gavin

Andrew is a rare breed of trainer who really listens to your issues and works with you to resolve these in a thoughtful and professional manner.I have no hesitation in recommending him to any one who believes they need to address fitness and PT problems.

Cathryn Widdowson

Love visiting these guys - the new gym is brilliant! I’ve never enjoyed ‘going to the gym’ before but the time spent working with a personal trainer is second to none. The one to one attention is completely on me for the hour and I feel great and motivated. I can definitely feel changes in my body in the 3 months and I want to do better and better.
Cannot recommend highly enough!!
Thanks to Andrew and Alanah for creating an incredible experience!! 🙌🙌

Nichola Burley

Spending too much time at my desk, not being fit and being hypermobile with frequent injuries I needed a very thoughtful, knowledgeable and motivaltional PT to get me into shape and reduce injuries- I have found that in Alanah. Alanah has provided me with a great bespoke programme that is allowing me to return to exercise confidently. Injuries are reducing and I feel and (I think) that I look better too - what more could I want. Who'd have thought that I would merrily skip off to the gym, able to safely use weights and throughly enjoy every session. The gym and access to it is fabulous - now all I need is more time to get over there more often. Highly, highly recommend. Thank you Alanah & Andrew for setting up a great facility at FitAgain.

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